Betty Field for Congress 2018

Campaign Issues

Betty Field will listen to and value all of her constituents, and she will represent all of us in Washington, D.C.


Health care is Betty’s primary issue, particularly as it relates to the people most threatened by the proposed American Health Care Act: children, veterans, and the elderly. Elected officials are putting profit before people.

Betty believes that health care is a basic human right and not a privilege reserved only for the wealthy.  A healthy population is a productive population! Medicare For All is an option already before Congress in HB 676 which was introduced on January 24, 2017.  Many current members of Congress and of the Senate support HB 676 and Betty will too!


The United States must continue to promote the value of scientific, technical, engineering and mathematics education, but we must also promote the value of skilled trades.

Education is paramount.  If we don’t have the best possible education for absolutely every child, America will continue to fall behind other nations in skills needed to compete on a national and international level.  If America does not make public education a priority our economy, our global presence, and our ability to promote American values will evaporate.  

Betty supports free education for all American students from Kindergarten through an Associates Degree or Technical Education Certification.  Ensuring that our young people are provided the best education possible without the burden of overwhelming debt will allow our country to advance economically and will position our country to continue to lead globally.  When every student is given the opportunity to succeed, we all succeed! 

Elected officials must make decisions and laws about education by listening to the teachers and students who are most affected.  


We are all called to be good stewards of our own gifts. We need to do our part as individuals and ensure those gifts are available to future generations.

Supporting clean energy, wind and solar, benefits the economy and the environment. They have a much lower environmental impact than coal, oil, and natural gas.  Investment in these will create jobs in Colorado and around the nation.

Investing in wind and solar energy provides energy independence and lowers the risk that another nation will attempt to gain leverage on the United States by cutting off our supply of oil.


Responsible gun ownership looks like responsible car ownership to Betty. Owning a firearm is a right under the Second Amendment; owning a car is a right under the Ninth Amendment. A car owner must demonstrate proficiency and obtain a license before operating a vehicle. Similarly, for the sake of public safety, a firearm owner should be required to demonstrate proficiency before being allowed to carry a firearm.

Someone who commits a felony with a firearm should forfeit their right to ever again own a firearm. Similarly, someone who commits domestic abuse should forfeit their right to ever again own a firearm.


The current administration is demonstrating an irresponsible attempt to increase security on the U.S.-Mexico border by mass deporting undocumented persons despite evidence that they commit crimes at less than one-third the rate of natural-born U.S. citizens.

The responsible way to address unauthorized immigration is to hold American businesses responsible for engaging in illegal employment practices.  Those illegal employment practices are what draws undocumented immigrants to our country and what causes low wages for American workers. 

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