Betty Field for Congress 2018

Healthcare Rally in Colorado Springs

Within our state, many people have come together to exercise their 1st Amendment rights by having a non-violent protests against the GOP Healthcare Plan outside Senator Gardner’s offices in 90+ degree temperatures.

These are everyday people, patriotic Americans, many are my friends, NONE of them are paid to attend.  All are motivated by the GOP’s heartless plan to take or reduce health care from us.

Many people will lose coverage for essential medications.  Many may end up in state-sponsored nursing homes, many will be on the street, many will die.

To show my appreciation, I distributed water and snacks to those who stood up for all of us to ask our Senator to stand with us and say no to the bill.


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‘Bumpin’ Betty to Congress

Thanks to all of you who came out for ‘Bumpin’ Betty to Congress! It was a fun night! 

Liz Rosenbaum, candidate for State House District 21 and Bobby Brooks, candidate for Fountain City Council were the personable MCs for the night. 

Our special guest, Chris Fonseca, comedian extraordinaire, had us all laughing, his humor allowed us to take a break from the stress of the campaign and just enjoy time with friends.

The Veteran’s Social Club was the perfect venue; they make a mean Blue Betty!  Don’t know about the rest of you, but my feet hurt from all the dancing!   

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Listening to Better Represent

The Congressional general election is not until November 2018 but my work started when I announced my candidacy in April.  My experience in the Human Services field, working with diverse populations and managing the operations of a non-profit give me the view, and skills to bring humanity back into politics.

My schedule has me attending many events throughout Colorado’s 5th Congressional District (CD5).  My plan is to meet as many of you as I can to learn about your cities and towns, I want to understand your issues and concerns so I can represent you better.  I want you to know my passion and desire to be a true representative of the people of CD5.

I am inviting you to get to know me.  Please, do not hesitate to step up and say hello.  I look forward to it.


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Arkansas Valley Women United

Given the opportunity to speak with members of Ark Valley Women United in beautiful Buena Vista, CO I happily accepted. The Ark Valley Women United group dedicates its efforts to improve, protect, and promote their community and the public lands that surround them.
I want to thank those people who took their time to share their activities in the community along with their plans, concerns, and hopes with me.
I learned so much from our conversations and the subsequent meetings.  CD5 covers many counties where the main concerns of the people can differ with good reason.  

In a further effort to know the people of this incredible town, my team and I explored the shops on Main Street.  We were drawn into one unique shop called “A Co-operative of Retail Spaces” which houses several local businesses under one roof.  This allows local artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to display a wide variety of unique handmade jewelry, art, delicious treats, and locally made goods.  

While checking out the local goods in the Co-operative shop, I noticed a sign that read “Little Girl Dress-Up Bags” on a basket filled with bags. In each bag was a treasure trove of items like purses, jewelry, scarves, and hair ribbons for little girls to use to dress up.  The store owner, Denise, informed me they were made by a woman who needs help paying for her daughter’s continuing medical care which the family cannot afford.  Needless to say, we purchased two of them.

Buena Vista is a community with a big heart, good people and I look forward to visiting again soon!

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Who Gives a Scrap

During Old Colorado City’s Territory Days one particular shop, Who Gives a Scrap, drew me inside.  This store is fantastic, it is a non-profit dedicated to trash repurposing.  Who Gives a Scrap was named Social Impact Start-up of the year in 2015.

Jayne Blewitt and Lorrie Myers started the company with the idea of using items that frequently end up in landfills and turning them into art.  People donate things like strips of wood, buttons, fabric, and craft supplies. They reach out to the community to promote reuse and offer space and guidance to those interested in making art from scraps.

Who Gives a Scrap has agreed to help in our own Campaign Recycle Art event we are planning this summer.  We are so happy to be working them.


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